Monday, March 2, 2009

A Flash of Light

There's no doubt about it. Times have been challenging lately. Dakota is very two - and with me being almost 38, I sometimes wonder what I'm doing trying this parenthood thing. I pray and pray for it to get easier. For the crying and whining to lessen. (Mine and hers!) But it's where we're at right now and I'm thankful that's all we have to deal with where Dakota is concerned.

But God gave me a bright flash of light to remember on Sunday. After naptime I decided it was time to get out of the house. So we ventured outside with a bucket of sidewalk chalk, my new best friend. I sat on the sidewalk as she drew and we chatted. It's so fun to be able to start having conversations with her. At one point she came and crawled in my lap, leaned back and said "Songs, Mommy!" So I asked her what she wanted to hear and was told "Donald" (aka Old McDonald) So she picked out a few animals and we sang a few verses. Then I asked for her another animal. "Uhhhhhhh......dinosaur!" So the dinosaurs on the farm went "rahr!" Did you know old McDonald also had giraffes, peoples, and snakes? It was a surprise to me too.

Things got hard again in the afternoon. And things at work today were very challenging. But my little flash of light was there when I needed it to remember that goodness is still there in the darkness. That it won't be this way forever. That He is listening.

Thank you God for listening. Thank you for showing me the light in the darkness, even if for a brief moment. Please stay by our side as we face each new day. Amen.


Irritable Mother said...

Yes, Penny. He IS there in every.single.moment. Even the dark and difficult ones. I hope that's something you'll see more and more as you read Finding Joy.
Bless you, friend. And have fun with the chalk!

Emily P. said...

I miss you so much! It seems like I keep missing your phone calls, and when I find a moment to call you back, you're at work. Don't lose hope! God is there and by your side. He has a plan for you and will reveal it to you one little piece at a time. This is what I've come to find, at least. I hope you can feel His peace every day. I love you!

Emily P. said...

miss'n you!