Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Loud, Noisy Trucks

Dakota has started this new daily ritual that we have to walk to the mailbox. It's become kind of fun watching her run down the sidewalk, and try and balance on the curb. Yesterday I think it took us 15 minutes to walk 10 houses, each house had something different to stop and look at or try and do (like banging on a for sale sign with a rock). This morning there were more trucks and buses out than there are in the evenings when we usually take our walks. And God used the moment as a lesson.

Everytime Dakota hear a loud truck or one drove past, she would immediately turn to me and grab my hand. If she was ahead of me, she would run back. She needed reassurance that the loud noise wasn't going to get her and she would be all right. And I was there. Everytime.

I've got lots of "loud, noisy trucks" in my life right now. What a great opportunity He used to remind me that He is there for me too. Everytime. And He will reassure me that all will be well. He's there for me to turn to all the time, no matter when a "truck" drives by. I might be scared by the noise....but He will hold my hand and walk with me.

Thank you Lord, for reminding me that as I watch over Dakota, you watch over me. I am never alone and you faithfully will be by my side. Please continue to hold my hand as our family works toward a new life together. Keep us together in Your arms as we search for understanding on how to move forward with so many new changes. Thank you for the support You give us and for that which you give us through friends. Amen.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hitting the Wall

I've got so much running around in my brain....I'm not sure I can come up with coherent thoughts. Excuse my ramblings......I just need to get a few things out.

Like many people, we've been having a hard time financially. We've finally hit the wall and don't have too many options. Big changes are going to have to be made - credit cards are being shredded and the poop guy is outta here. But it's a lot more than that. The way we're used to living, the way we've made decisions, the way we've thought about and spent money....all has to drastically change.

I'm thankful that we're all healthy and our house and cars are staying in place. I know it could be much much worse. But my reality is being forced to be changed and I'm scared. In the end, I know this will result in a positive. Tony and I are being forced to work together. We're having to be open and honest with each other. And we're having to re-examine our priorities. (Is it really important to have the shampoo you've been using for 20 years, or can you use one of the 5 bottles that is already purchased?) I have faith that everything will end up ok and God will get us through.....and maybe there will be an opportunity for Tony to find more faith.

I try to keep a smile on my face, but my patience is not there right now. Especially at home. I'm quick to get frustrated and easily irritated. I know this is taxing on everyone.....but life still moves on. There's still babies to feed, trash to take out, things to do. I'd love nothing more than to have a few hours to do nothing but hide in bed.....but I don't see that happening for another 15 years.

Please pray for us. That finances get resolved, that we work together and support each other, that Dakota's "two-ish-ness" doesn't push me over the mommy edge, that God takes us where we are supposed to be.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's a Love Fest!

My dear friend Karen over at Surviving Motherhood gave me the nicest blog award this week. I'm displaying it proudly. Thanks friend!

Karen is also getting ready to release her new book "Finding Joy: More Confessions of an Irritable Mother." Click here to find out how you can win your own copy. Karen and her words have been an inspiration to me daily. Anyone who reads her blogs and/or books has an extra angel on their side.

Ok, so back to the award.....I'm supposed to pass it here goes.

Emily at According to Em - A wonderful preschool teacher who has become a dear friend. I know God brought us together so we would have each other to lean on and encourage.

Nana Reese at House of Whimsy - Ok, so she happens to be Emily's mom. But she's one of the best Nana's in the world! And her blog is so fun to look at if you like to be creative.

Now, for you recipients of this award, here's the deal:

  • Display your award.
  • Link back to the person who gave you the award.
  • Nominate other blogs.
  • Put links to those blogs on yours.
  • Leave a message on the blogs of the people you've nominated.
  • Enjoy your award!

Have a good day girls. God will get us through day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Witnessing to Frito

Considering where my brain has been at lately, this holiday weekend was fun. I got to go out with my friend. I got to play with my baby. And we went out to the park for an outing as a family.

One of the moments that brought a smile to my face today was when Dakota started witnessing to the dog. Frito never knew what hit him. Dakota found one of those little Bibles that only has the New Testament and some Psalms in it. She brought it to me and I told her it was a special book and she had to be very soft with it. After flipping through the pages carefully she decided to share the good book with Frito.

Frito is right at eye level for Dakota when he lies on the couch. She walked up to him, book in hand and started reading to him. I was smiling on the outside and rolling with laughter on the inside. She would read to Frito, turn a page and read some more, all with the book touching Frito's nose.

Something distracted her and the Book was put aside for a while. Later in the evening she brought it to me, sat in my lap and said "read". Where was I to start? Something short that might keep her attention for 30 seconds. They had the Lord's Prayer on one page, so we said that. That seemed to satisfy her.

The Book now lives in the book bucket with the rest. I'm sure it will get pulled out again. Watch out Frito, she's not done with you yet!