Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pray. Listen. Peace.

I've been praying more. And listening. And searching. And listening more. The more I do those things, the more I hear God speak to me. Not to everyone else. Just to me. I know this to be true. Because the things I hear wouldn't hold the same meaning for someone else. I don't always know if I'm asking the right question. Or hearing the answer I'm supposed to hear. But either way, I know God knows. And even not knowing the answers myself, I still feel peace knowing He is there to take away the doubt, pain, fear, and uncertainty.

While the relationship I have with God strengthens, it also makes obvious the holes in other relationships. I can see the possibilities with God as my partner. Then I take notice of the opportunities for myself and others to honor Him in daily choices. Choices of words, actions, and attitudes.

Many times at work there are so many things to do, I literally don't know where to start. I've devised a question I ask myself to point me in the right direction -- what can I do first that will most benefit the patients? Usually that narrows things down pretty quickly. So when things get overwhelming in life, maybe I need to pose a different question -- what can I do first that will most please God?

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Irritable Mother said...

What can I do first that will most please God???
Girl, you said you hear Him speak to you, right? Well, He just used you to speak to me.
Gotta go now. There's something I need to do to please God!!!
Love you,